WordPress Support Plans

Try any of our WordPress support plans for 30 days with no risk. If we don’t impress you with our professional support, we’ll give you your money back.

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Take the First Steps
to Secure Your Website
Secure Off-Site Backups (weekly)
Security Review & Lock-down
Specialist WordPress Web Hosting
£25.00 Setup Fee


Complete Maintenance of
your WordPress Website
Secure Off-Site Backups (daily)
Security Monitoring
WordPress Core Updates
Theme & Plugin Updates
Performance Monitoring
Security Review & Lock-down
Up-Time Monitoring
Hack Clean-Up
Specialist WordPress Web Hosting
Add-On Hours Available
No Setup Fee


Want Extra Peace of Mind?
Premium Features at a Low Cost
Includes Essential plus:
Secure Off-Site Backups (real-time)
Eyes On Your Site
1 Hour Support/Monthly
Additional Add-On Hours Available
No Setup Fee
If you wish to include more than one website in your plan then please contact us to find out what discounts we can offer.

Additional Options

Options that can be added to our plans include:

WooCommerce Support £20.00 pm | Website Performance Optimisation £100.00 one off fee

Our Core Services

Our Essential and Premium plans both include:

Security Review

Security Review & Lock-down

The first thing we will do when you sign-up with WP Buddy is to perform a complete security review of your WordPress website. Based upon the results, we will then lock-down your website to ensure it is not at risk and protected from attack.
Automated Backups

Secure Off-Site Backups

Backups are essential to website management. If your website is hacked or crashes, then it is imperative you have a backup to hand. Our WordPress backups take a complete snapshot of your website allowing us to recover it quickly.
WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates

To ensure your website is as secure as possible we perform regular updates to WordPress, plugins and theme software when released. This keeps your website up to date with the latest versions and minimises the risk of it being exploited.
Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Using the latest Sucuri security software, we monitor your website for security breaches such as malware infections. In the rare occasion a website gets hacked, we clean up the hack quickly before you or your customers know about it.
Up-Time Monitoring

Up-Time Monitoring

If a customer tries to visit your website and it is offline, they will likely go elsewhere. Our up-time monitoring will continually monitor your website and we will be immediately alerted should it go offline, allowing us to respond quickly to get it back online.
Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

The last thing you want is a slow website, it impacts your Google ranking and frustrates visitors. Our performance monitoring will alert us should your website run slow, allowing us to solve the problem or recommend how it can be improved.
Hack Clean-Up

Hack Clean-Up

Should the worse happen, and your website be compromised, then we will clean up the problem and get your website back online quickly. So confident are we that this will not happen that the cost of getting your website back online is included in the price.

Common Questions

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?
At this time, we do not. Our support hours are 9 AM – 5 PM GMT, Monday to Friday.
Can you restore the site from a backup or roll a site back to a previous version?
Yes, provided you are on a suitable support plan. While we’re happy to restore a site at no cost, if you were to continue using this feature it may consume monthly development time (if available in your plan), and/or incur additional fees. WP Buddy will notify you before charging anything to your account.
What does WP Buddy do if my website is hacked?
WP Buddy monitors customer websites using regular security scans provided by Sucuri. Common issues are also manually checked when relevant.

Even with proactive monitoring, unfortunately not every security issue can be detected. In the event that a security issue does occur, we will respond immediately to fix the problem within our business hours.

If a website issue is detected, who can report it?
For security reasons, no one other than the approved contact of your business may request information or support. You can assign other users to your account, and this can be done by emailing us with the name and email address for each additional authorised user. From then on, they can request data and support services from us.
How does your technical support work?
We prefer to use support tickets rather than telephone calls. This allows us to track an issue, ensuring that all communication is documented and clear. We’ve found that this makes it easier for our support team to know what’s going on with your website and to fix issues as quickly as possible.

Support tickets can be submitted through your WordPress dashboard or alternatively you can email at any time from the email address associated with your WP Buddy account.

What happens if my WordPress plugin is no longer supported?
We will still monitor the plugin for any issues, and if no changes or other issues occur causing it to break then it will remain on the site. WP Buddy frequently encounters plugins with a number of issues and in these cases we notify the customer of better, up-to-date, alternatives.
What if an update breaks my site? Does it cost extra to fix?
The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup taken before performing the update, we will also notify you of the issue.

We fix the majority of issues free of charge. However, if you have custom plugins, if the issue is introduced by a user, or if it is a time-consuming issue, then it may be billable. WP Buddy will notify you before charging anything to your account.

What kind of work can be requested if I purchase additional development hours?
Additional development hours can be purchased at a reduced rate if you are already signed up to one of our support plans. This development time can be used for website edits such as text or image changes, replacing a logo, adding new pages or blog post, adding new users and other general WordPress work.

Plugin development, SEO, copywriting and bespoke html or PHP coding is not included.

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